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Family Owned and operated, with more than 15 years experience in the industry, the people at The Awning Company have the know how, experience and expertise to get your project done right. As a leader in the industry and the preferred vendor for Awnings Orange County and San Diego County, The Awning Company utilizes its expertise and experience to provide superior quality and customer service.

Our expert staff at The Awning Company go out of their way to ensure that every customer is satisfied 100% of the time. Part of ensuring customer satisfaction includes a free no obligation consultation and written quote provided by an experienced Awning Company representative who will help you not only get the type of awning that you want but the type that your project needs as well.



In addition to unparalleled quality and service, The Awning Company sells only those products which are American made. Be it Retractable Patio Awnings, Fixed Awnings, or even Retractable Sunscreens, customers can take pride in knowing that they’re helping an American business that sells American products.

The Awning Company specialize in the highest quality Residential & Commercial Awnings including Custom Made:


Retractable Patio Awnings

Retractable Window Awnings

Decorative Awnings

Fixed Awnings

Retractable Skylight Awnings

Slide on Wire Retractable Awnings

Retractable Sunscreens

Retractable Solar Screens

Retractable Drop Shades

Shade Structures

Commercial Awnings

Entrance Canopies


Fabric Recovers


All made right here in Southern California.


At The Awning Company, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Your project is not complete until you are fully satisfied with your product and service. In order to bring you the most consistent high quality products available on the market today, each product we sell goes through several rigorous quality control processes before it leaves the factory. With our unprecedented superior warranty policy and first class customer service you can relax and enjoy your purchase from The Awning Company knowing that it will last for many sunny years to come. Our top quality custom made awnings can transform the appearance of your home or commercial building as well as protect your furnishings, help significantly reduce energy expenses and increase usable square footage. Professional design and superior workmanship are the trade marks of The Awning Company.Visit our Products Page for a detailed description on all of our components used to construct your awning.

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Decorative & Spear Awnings


Retractable Window Awnings


Retractable Patio Awnings


Decorative fixed awnings


Canvas patio covers


Sunlight generates heat in a room, particularly in south- or west- facing rooms. Awnings, by shading the exterior windows and doors, cut the light before it enters the room, which can reduce interior heat by as much as 77% (the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers or ASHRAE). Reducing the heat in a room with our awnings can reduce air conditioning use – and energy bills – by up to 25%. At The Awning Company we are confident that no one gives you better value for your money. We encourage you to get at least three written bids on your project, and make sure you’re comparing bids based on identical plans, specifications and scope of work. Do not automatically accept the lowest bid. In fact, you should beware of any bid that is substantially lower than the others. It probably indicates that the Awning contractor made a mistake or is not including all the work quoted by his or her competitors. You may be headed for a dispute with your contractor if you accept an abnormally low bid. It is also possible that this contractor will cut corners or do substandard work in order to make a profit on the job. Thus we encourage you to get at least 2-3 quotes and then let us beat those written quotes without compromising on quality. Our products are far and above what the competition are offering at a higher price. The bottom line is why pay more for a cheap imported product when you can have a superior custom made sun control product made right here in the USA at a lower price from The Awning Company.

If You Buy Anywhere Else You Are Just Throwing Your Money Away.



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