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  • 6 Ways Awnings Can Give Your Home a Facelift


    Homeowners are rediscovering the many benefits awnings and retractable covers have to offer. Small awnings can be placed over windows, while larger ones can be used to cover patios and small porches. When they are professionally installed, they become part of the structure of the home and add to its beauty and style. Benefits Of Awnings

    1. Awnings provide shaded areas for recreation.
      Large, retractable awnings can be rolled up to allow the sun to warm an area or rolled down to keep an area cooler during the hot, summer months.
    2. Prevents direct sunlight from entering via windows.
      Awnings that are placed over windows keep sunlight from shining into windows. Direct sunlight can fade carpet and upholstery and raise the temperature indoors.
    3. Don’t let people to be limited!
      Allows people inside the home to see outside without having to look out into the bright light. Looking outside on a bright, sunny day can cause a person’s view to be limited by glare.
    4. Awnings can add color to the exterior of the home.
      Awnings can be made of contrasting colors to accentuate the windows in your home. Designs are also an option to make windows stand out from their surroundings.
    5. Covers blemishes near the windows.
      Older homes may have blemishes near windows and doors. Awnings can be installed in such a way as to hide them and make the home look nice and well-cared for.
    6. Increases the value of your home.
      Awnings are normally attached directly to the home. Because they are designed to be permanent, they can increase the value of your home.

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