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  • How Alike Are Commercial Awnings and Window Graphics


    Commercial AwningsWhen shopping for commercial awnings and window graphics, it is easy to get hung up on the differences. There are some key differences that you must consider as you determine which one is the best fit for your company, such as whether or not your space is big enough to allow for awnings.

    Awnings and Graphics: The Similar Ones
    However, there are more similarities than you may realize. If your business can accommodate both awnings and graphics, you can maximize their potential with a combination of the two offerings.

    Commercial awnings were invented to provide shade and protect customers from the rain and snow while keeping sun off of the merchandise and store furnishings.

    Most people don’t think about the fact that aside from not protecting customers from inclement weather, window graphics have the same benefits. Look for mesh fabric roll-down blinds and window films that provide shade without blocking the view.

    Curb Appeal
    As many companies are already looking for shade options for their storefronts, it’s an added bonus that these products can also advertise the business. Of course you can select commercial awnings in a solid color or with a simple pattern but why not use the space to display your company name, address and logo as well?

    An awning or a graphic is one of the first things that potential customers will notice about your business. Using engaging, attractive colors and designs will make them want to come in and learn more.

    There aren’t many business investments that provide shade and privacy while also promoting a business. Think about how you can install both awnings and graphics to complement one another.

    As an awning is mounted above eye level, its message should be visible from a distance. Window graphics are more appropriate for detailed information about products and services.

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