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Aliso Viejo Awnings


Here at The Awning Company homeowners will find an exorbitant amount of different awnings to choose from. These choices will come in the form of colors, style, functionality, and even construction material. Homeowners who purchase Aliso Viejo awnings know that when they buy from us they are getting the best.

Aliso Viejo Awnings

Aliso Viejo Awnings
Motorized Retractable Awning

All of our Aliso Viejo awnings are designed to do two things primarily. The first being provide comfort and relief from things like direct sunlight, heat, and even falling debris; while their secondary purpose is to simply keep portions of a home cool during the warmer months of the year. Awnings have many other funtions as well though these tend to be the reasons most homeowners purchase them.

Aliso Viejo Awnings

Aliso Viejo Awnings Commercial Awning with drop shades

Your Aliso Viejo Awnings Experts


We are Aliso Viejo awning experts and have been carefully crafting and installing awnings for residents of Southern California for over 15 years. Additionally our highly talented, skilled, and friendly staff go out of their way to ensure that every client is 100% satisfied 100% of the time. In addition to superior Aliso Viejo awnings, The Awning Company ensures satisfaction through free no obligation consultations in addition to a written quote.


The Awning Company also prides itself on the fact that all of the products they sell are American-made. This doesn’t mean they are shipped in from another country and received at American docks but rather they are crafted by Americans here in this country. This helps The Awning Company produce Aliso Viejo awnings that have to be seen and used to believe. We are not only experts in crafting, selling, and installing awnings but ensuring customer satisfaction as well.


Who Benefits From Aliso Viejo Awnings?


Awnings have several uses and any homeowner looking for the following will benefit greatly from the Aliso Viejo awnings available at The Awning Company.


  • – Create shade and cooler areas in and around a home.
  • – Help define gathering areas in back and front yards.
  • – Create an area in which family and guests can enjoy a meal.
  • – Keep specific rooms within a home cool and eliminate high energy costs.
  • – Protect a specific area in a front or back yard.
  • – Help keep certain areas in front and backyards clean.
  • – Create a relaxing atmosphere where one can read, nap, or just “hang out”.

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