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  • Aluminum Awnings: It’s Easy to Maintain Their Finish


    Aluminum awnings are designed to increase the amount of shade over the windows of a home, while adding a touch of beauty.Metal awnings are easy to maintain and require little physical labor to keep them looking nice. There a few simple steps to follow if you want to keep them looking new and pristine.

    Aluminium AwningsRemove any debris from the awning. You may need to use a broom to get to hard to reach areas. Gently sweep leaves, small twigs and other debris off the awning, making sure to sweep through the creases.

    Using a garden hose set to the highest pressure. Spray the awning from top to bottom, gently pushing dislodged debris towards the edge where it can be brushed away.

    Rinse thoroughly with the garden hose. In a small bucket, add a small amount of dish soap to ¾ of a bucket of water. Using a rag, wash the awning with the dish soap/water mixture.

    Apply a combination of vinegar and water. If the awning is under or near trees, it can be exposed to gums and resins that can become hard and sticky if not removed in a timely fashion. A mixture of vinegar and water can be used to loosen the tree gum and resins, allowing them to be washed away easily leaving behind little to no residue.

    Painting is a good option. If the original colors of the awning have begun to fade with time, you can always choose to repaint them. It’s best to remove them from the side of the home and thoroughly clean them before painting them and re-hanging them.

    Keeping awnings clean and well maintained will protect them from damage. Aluminum awnings are designed to last for several years but they need to be properly cared for so they will continue to look their best as time passes.

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