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  • Cool off Ideas Under a Retractable Awning


    Retractable AwningRetractable awnings serve several purposes. They provide shade and protect interior of your home from damage caused by UV rays, direct sunlight, and rain. Awnings do much more than just cover your patio. When a homeowner has the right type of information, they can choose one of several varieties of patio awnings that will protect their home and family from the heat of the sun and unexpected storms and downpours. Both stationary and retractable awnings provide many different types of benefits and will pay for themselves several times over.

    • Makes an ideal covering for parties and dinners.
      Retractable awnings provide a cool, shaded environment that is ideal for hosting parties or family dinners. They provide ample lighting without the heat and discomfort that is often felt when people are forced to sit in the direct sunlight. Many retractable awnings can be adjusted to pitch downward as the sun sets, offering long lasting protection. Once the sun has gone down, the awning can be put up so that guests can enjoy a night of stargazing.
    • Larger awnings can offer shade for pools and hot tubs.
      Larger awnings can be extended outward to reach over a portion of your swimming pool or to cover a hot tub. While it may not cover the entire pool, it will provide a small amount of shade for an area of the pool. This is ideal for families with small children. Parents want their children to be able to enjoy the pool and with a retractable awning they can do that without worrying about receiving too much sunlight.
    • Offer privacy by preventing neighbors from looking down to your home.
      Neighbors who live in two story homes or apartment buildings often have a birds’ eye view of what goes on in your backyard, and sometimes, even within your home. A retractable awning gives you the privacy you need and deserve and keeps prying eyes from intruding on your personal life. When an awning is pitched at an angle, it can also obstruct the view of individuals who are at ground level.
    • Enhance the look of your home.
      Awnings are made of durable materials and come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Their compact design doesn’t detract from the look when they are rolled up and stored. When they are extended, they not only protect the interior and exterior of the home from excessive amounts of sunlight, they beautify and enhance the look of the home. This can result in an increase in the homes’ value as well as a higher re-sell price if you choose to sell your property.
    • Provides cool, shaded area where children can play outside.
      Children love to play outside. Parents often worry about small children and toddlers getting too much sun. A retractable awning provides a safe place for children to play, and even nap, during the hottest part of the day. Adding an awning to your home gives children the opportunity to be outside for much longer periods without risking their sensitive skin to excessive amounts of sunlight.
    • Allows you to relax outside in the heat of the day.
      During the hottest part of the day, being outside can be extremely uncomfortable. With a retractable awning in place, you can enjoy your patio or porch without worrying about the sun beating down on your shoulders.
    • Protects from rain and heavy downpours.
      A sturdy retractable awning will help protect the family from getting wet if a sudden shower would pop up. Awnings not only keep the porch or patio dry, they prevent water from being blown or sent through window screens. While most people are worried about damage from sunlight, rain can also cause damage and should be considered when choosing an awning.

    Contact the professionals at The Awning Company to find out how retractable awnings can help you keep cool in the summer, add value to your home and create a virtual oasis right in your very own back yard. They can give you the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the right type of awning for your personal needs.

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    About Gary Kerr

    Gary Kerr is the Owner of The Awning Company, a pioneer in the awning industry, based at Orange County. Kerr is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality canvas patio covers
    to his clients. The Awning Company is a place where quality meets affordability, and customer satisfaction.

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  • Commercial Awnings: Valuable Asset for Your Business


    When considering how to retain your existing customer base, customer service and the quality of your product should be top Commercial Awningspriority. However, when looking at ways to catch new customers, particularly passing trade, curb appeal should be your first issue to address.

    Good visual branding is essential, of course, and an attractive commercial awning can enhance existing company branding and overall look. These are just a few of the ways a bespoke commercial awning can help you:

    • Make your business easy to spot.
      If you’re based in a mall or busy shopping street, particularly if you have competitors nearby, a distinctive awning will make potential customers more likely to see you first.
    • Keep your customers cool.
      Not only useful for providing shade to your customers browsing your window display, an awning will help to regulate the temperature inside your store, and also protect any long-standing window displays from sun bleaching.
    • Not just for summer months.
      If you’re based in a less temperate climate, your commercial awning will help to keep your customers dry on rainy days and protect them from harsh winter winds.
    • A cost-effective makeover.
      Want to update the look of your store, or even change your branding a little? A colorful awning can bring the look of your business up to date without breaking the bank on a full redecoration or refurbishment.
    • Don’t break the rules.
      If you’re part of a dedicated retail area with specific rules and regulations about how the exterior of your business must look, a good bespoke awning will not only keep your company in line with such standards but will also enable you to maintain an element of individuality.

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    About Gary Kerr

    Gary Kerr is the Owner of The Awning Company, a pioneer in the awning industry, based at Orange County. Kerr is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality canvas patio covers
    to his clients. The Awning Company is a place where quality meets affordability, and customer satisfaction.

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