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  • Awning Installation: Coverage Decisions That You Should Consider


    Important decisions must be made prior to the installation of awnings. Adding awnings to your home can enhance its outward appeal and also raise the resale value of the property. The right type of awning can minimize heating and cooling costs by protecting the windows from the elements. A few of the most common decisions that need to be made, when it comes to awning installation are:

    • Size   Choosing the right size of awning will help keep the appearance of your home balanced and pleasing to the eye.
    • Style – When deciding on the style of awning you plan on having, you want to make sure that whatever one you choose fits with the Awning Maintenanceexisting style of the home.
    • Material – Awnings can be made out of a variety of materials including canvas, vinyl, resin, aluminum or galvanized steel. The material the awning is made of can determine how effective it is at protecting the windows or how much light is allowed into the home.
    • Pre-packaged – Pre-packaged or assembled awnings come already made and ready to be installed. Retractable awnings come pre-packaged with all of the mechanisms already assembled and in good working order.
    • Custom design – Awnings can be customized by color, style and material. You can have ornate awnings built to your specific requirements, including color, material, size and style. When a basic template is used, awnings can be designed that account for odd sized windows. They can be made in specific colors using the material you want.

    Is it possible for a homeowner to install an awning with a DIY approach? Yes, it is indeed an option, but the strains of wind and weather with the electrical equipments needed for installation usually put such a project strictly under the “professional contractor” category rather than a DIY one. Contact The Awning Company; we provide you the thorough knowledge of every aspect of awning installation, as well as offer installation services.

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