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  • Awning Windows: Enhance the Look of Your Exterior


    Adding awnings to your windows serves several purposes. It can lower your energy costs and giving your home a posh feel. As these simple yet elegant additions provide shade for your porch and weather protection, they also add value to your home. You can give your home a completely unique look with the installation of the right awning, Window Awningmaking your house standout from the rest of them. There are a variety of types and styles:

    Retractable awnings are great for porches because they can be expanded to provide more shade from sun rays of shelter from the rain and also retracted to let a little sun in. They give your home the look and feel of an exterior room without you needing to regulate the temperature. If you have a sliding glass door to your patio or deck, a retractable awning is the perfect way to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    Window awnings give your home a bright personality. If you look at most homes today they have fixed shutters or nothing at all, leaving them looking plain and drab. Adding awnings will give your home a unique touch and will keep it cool during the hot summer months. Many of them can be collapsed or folded so that you can change the appearance of your home at will. With a wide selection of colors, whether solid or striped, you can also choose to add lettering to your awnings to make a real statement.

    Commercial awnings can really make a business stand out. Like residential window awnings, you can add letters (such as the name of your business) to the awning to give your business a little more visibility.

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    Gary Kerr is the Owner of The Awning Company, a pioneer in retractable awnings in Orange County. Kerr is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality shade for patios to his clients. The Awning Company is a place where quality meets affordability,and Kerr and his team are dedicated to their work and believe in overall customer satisfaction.

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