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Awnings And Curb Appeal

Awnings And Curb Appeal


Homeowners who’ve been in their home for a number of years and those that are looking to sell their home often begin thinking of ways to liven up the look of their home or improve what’s known as curb appeal. There are a lot of different ways homeowners can increase their home’s curb appeal, some expensive some very affordable, though many homeowners often have a hard time determining which type of project would increase their curb appeal most.


One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of a home is to have awnings installed around a home. While many homeowners spend a great deal of time dressing up their windows with things like shades, curtains, blinds, and even various types of draperies, most neglect the outside of their windows. Dressing up the interiors of windows may do a lot for the aesthetic appeal inside a home but does nearly nothing for its curb appeal. Awnings carefully placed over the right windows can work wonders for a home.


With many different types of awnings to choose from homeowners will have no problem in finding awnings that not only complements their home perfectly but awnings that are friendly to their budget as well. Moreover for those homeowners who are concerned with the materials that awnings are constructed from they will be happy to know that modern awnings can be constructed from wood, metal, vinyl, and a variety of mixed building materials as well. Depending on the type of awning and what its purpose is will be what determines what materials it’s made from. With so may different types of building materials available for awnings homeowners will have the luxury of selecting awnings that are built specifically to deal with certain issues or protects certain things. Not only that but regardless of the building material and awning is constructed from, all will add tremendous curb appeal to any home that they are part of.


Though potential buyers and visitors will only see the curb appeal in awnings placed on the front of a home, homeowners are often delighted when they learn that beautiful awnings also serve another purpose. There are awnings built specifically for weather protection, reducing energy costs, and even reflecting ultraviolet rays. Awnings installed over a doorway or specific window can keep an area free from the damage that is often caused by falling debris and/or precipitation. Awnings designed to reduce energy costs do their job by blocking out sunlight and even heat thereby lowering indoor temperatures by up to 15°. This allows homeowners to utilize their air conditioning units less and enjoy some shade as well. Those awnings specifically created to block UV rays are especially popular amongst homeowners who want to protect their furniture, their carpets and rugs, and their tile or wood flooring. Ultraviolet light fades these things and can damage them over even short amounts of time.


When it comes to the actual different types of awnings available homeowners can select from stationary awnings which essentially become a permanent part of a home’s exterior and are virtually maintenance free. There’s also freestanding awnings which are awnings that can be relocated at any time and used around any portion of a home. These types of awnings are popular with homeowners who spend time outside and around different parts of their home. Then there’s retractable awnings which are one of the most commonly seen types these days. When not in use retractable awnings roll up and roll down very quickly to create shade for windows or provide a relaxing spot on the patio or yard. Of course there are also motorized awnings for those homeowners who don’t like having to crank the retractable models back-and-forth. Costing a bit more may turn some homeowners often the idea of purchasing a motorized awning but after cranking an awning once or twice homeowners often find themselves wishing for motorized awning instead.


In addition to building materials and specific types awnings are also available in various sizes, styles, colors, and shapes. The type a homeowners selects will depend largely on how much curb appeal they want to add to their home, existing exterior decor, and their budget. Working closely with a building contractor or exterior designer may give a homeowner a better idea of what size, shape, color, and style will work best for them and their home.


As far as installation and maintenance are concerned, most awnings aren’t that difficult to maintain or install. However there are some homeowners who simply don’t want to take the time to handle either and those who cannot physically do so. Any homeowner that finds themselves a part of either group should always call in a professional. Sometimes awnings can be a bit heavy and hiring a professional to install them and perform maintenance on them can keep a homeowner safe and prevents an awning from becoming damaged.


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