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Going Green and Cutting Costs

Awnings: Going Green And Cutting Costs


Though they most likely never think about it, adding awnings to a home can help a homeowner go “green.” More often than not when a homeowner considers adding awnings to their home they do so only because they know that awnings will either address some aesthetic deficiencies their home has or provide them with some comfortable space under which to gather, relax, or even eat a meal. The truth of the matter however is that adding awnings to home can do quite a bit for homeowners concerned with the environment and those who want to reduce their energy consumption and costs.


While there are many different types of awnings available for homes it is the canopy awning that really assists homeowners in lowering energy costs and consumption. Canopy awnings do this essentially by blocking direct sunlight and keeping it out of a dedicated area. This leaves the insides of a homes much cooler than they would be without awnings. The interiors of homes that are located just underneath or behind canopy awnings can be 10° to 20° cooler than areas that are not protected by awnings. Homes with canopy awnings will see their energy bills reduced by anywhere from 26% to 33%.


What many homeowners do not realize is that 20% of the heat in most homes is caused by direct sunlight entering through unprotected windows. Not only that but many homeowners don’t give much thought to their floors, their furniture, nor any of their decor when they think of sunlight. When awnings are utilized over widows sunlight gets blocked and all of the aforementioned things are protected. Unprotected floors, furniture, and decor can deteriorate over a relatively short period of time thanks to sunlight.


While it’s certainly true that awnings can be added to a home for aesthetic purposes or for the purpose of making a home or attractive to buyers, homeowners should seriously consider adding awnings to their home to both protect their belongings and help them be more environmentally conscious. Homeowners will have to use less energy to make their interiors of their homes comfortable. Perhaps best of all some awnings are retractable or movable and can be dismantled very easily during the cooler parts of the year so that sunlight can enter and heat a home.


Homeowners that are interested in awnings for environmental reasons will have no problem finding a contractor that both sells and installs awnings. The Internet makes it easier than ever before to locate a reputable contractor as well as one that’s fairly priced and friendly. Homeowners should however dedicate a small amount of time to doing a bit of research by reading customer reviews and even speaking with the pass clientele of a particular contractor whenever possible.


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