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Awnings: Reducing Internal Temperatures And Saving You Money


There are a number of reasons homeowners elect to make awnings a part of their home. While many homeowners do so in order to embellish their home there are a great number of homeowners who have awnings installed for no other reason than to reduce the internal temperature of their home. While one may believe that the temperature reduction from awnings might be miniscule homeowners can actually reduce the indoor temperature of their home by as much as 20°F on even the hottest of days. Unbeknownst to many homeowners those awnings purchased and installed for beautification are often constructed to block out sunlight and in many cases ultraviolet light as well.


By installing awnings over the right windows, which sometimes includes all of the homes windows, a homeowner can cut the cost of their energy bills considerably. Air-conditioning units cost a great deal of money to run especially if one wishes to keep their home comfortable throughout an entire day. When the right type of awnings properly installed air-conditioning units will need to be run only in the hottest of climates, on the hottest days, and when 20° cooler isn’t comfortable enough for a homeowner.


With regards to what type of awnings work best for blocking the sun and reducing the amount of heat that enters a home it really depends on what kind of climate a home resides in and the personal tastes of individual homeowners. This is because even those awnings purchased solely for the purpose of keeping a home cooler and reducing energy consumption costs need to at least look like they belong on the home to which they are installed. Fortuitously homeowners these days have the option of not only selecting high-quality awnings that block out direct sunlight and reflect heat but those that look beautiful as well. No longer must homeowners sacrifice beauty for functionality or efficiency.


Retractable awnings have become extremely popular with those homeowners looking for awnings that help keep their home school. Retractable awnings are advantageous for these homeowners because they can be retracted not just completely but partially as well. This function gives homeowners the ability to control how much sunlight enters or does not enter their home which in turn helps them better control the internal temperature of their home. Once summer and early fall have passed homeowners can retract their awnings to allow more sunlight in, in an effort to keep their homes more comfortable year-round. Retractable awnings can also be utilized as the sun sets and rises each day.


Many of the vendors that offer awnings also offer retractable solar screens as well. These not only function as sort of a backup to awnings that block out sunlight and heat but can help keep homeowners cool and shaded outdoors as well. Additionally patio covers and enclosures that are used in conjunction with the aforementioned type of awnings can dramatically reduce a home’s internal temperature and give homeowners an even more comfortable home year round.


Homeowners that might fear a limited selection when it comes to awnings designed specifically for blocking out sunlight and keeping a home cool will be pleased to learn that these types of awnings are now available in a wide array of styles, architectures, colors, fabrics, and construction materials. While in years past these types of awnings featured an assembly line or cookie-cutter look this is no longer the case. These awnings are designed to impress just as much as they are to protect the home and keep its inhabitants comfortable.


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