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  • Awnings Can Save Energy Costs in Summer


    Awnings in SummerLong summer days and warm nights make for an ideal opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space at home, especially if you’ve spent time and effort creating a patio area for your family to enjoy and to entertain your friends in. The downside is that although your energy bills for heating and lighting will be lower, the money will just trickle straight out of your bank account on expensive air conditioning to keep your house cool.

    Keeping Cool
    However, one practical and beautiful addition to your patio space that will not only keep you and your family cool but make a sizeable inroad into cutting your air conditioning bills is a window awning.

    Environmentally Friendly
    Direct sunlight shining through your glass windows can account for as much as 20% of the load on your air conditioning system, so cutting those energy costs is not only a smart financial move but good for the planet too.

    Practical and Flexible
    Awnings and blinds are available in a variety of designs and styles. It can be worked either via a pulley system or even motorized for your adjustments, giving you the option of part or fully retracting them. After all, if you’re looking to cut air-conditioning costs in summer, it makes sense to be able to cut heating bills in winter by taking advantage of bright, sunny days by fully retracting your awning.

    Cost-effective, fixed or portable awnings will not only help to cut your bills year round but will be an attractive and practical addition to your home.

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  • Experience Family Fun Under the Awning With Eclipse


    retractable awnings

    The retractable awning can make your family outdoor activities fun and engaging as you relax in your backyard. The shade and cool air the awning provides makes it easier for everyone to enjoy their outdoor meals during the hot summer months. Awnings provide everyone with a reason to be outside even when it is shining.

    Below are some things you must consider before having an awning installed on your home:

      1. Be sure it’s the right size:

    Remember the whole purpose of the awning is to extend your living quarters into a comfortable, open setting. In this case, bigger is better! Let your awning extend as farther as it extends. You will have more area to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

      1. Maintain it properly: 

    Luckily with awnings they require very little maintenance. A simple wipe down will remove any accumulated dust or debris.

      1. Select good material: 

    The material of the shade will determine its usefulness even when the weather is extreme. Most homeowners would like to have a shade to enjoy outdoor space all year round.

    • Get additional benefits


    There are many benefits an awning will provide. It will lower your energy bill during the hot summer months. It will add protection to your furniture from sun exposure while providing an extensive amount of shade when hanging out with family on the patio. Aside for protecting the outdoor furniture the shade will keep you safe from the suns harmful UV rays.

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  • Go Blissful by Adding Eclipse Awnings


    Eclipse Awnings for Multi-Purpose With the warm weather setting in, you will probably be spending more time outdoors. The weather is great for outdoor activities; from lounging in the front yard to hosting a pool party in the backyard. However, with warmer weather comes a lot more sun, which could mean more sun damage if you are not taking proper precautions in protecting yourself and your home from the UV rays.

    Eclipse awnings are great for providing shade and can be used in different areas. In the front yard, they can be used to provide shade for the pouch. On the back deck, the awnings can shelter anyone there, whether you are cooking or just hanging out. Apart from providing shade when outdoors, the awnings can also be used to keep the interiors of your home cool.

    Butterfly Awnings
    A popular Eclipse awning is the freestanding Butterfly. The Butterfly is retractable and can be easily installed. The freestanding awning structure is mounted on surface base plates or post. Given that it is retractable, you can pull it off when you need it and fold it back to its protective hood when not in use. Another thing that attracts homeowners to the Butterfly awning is that it can be motorized. With just the touch of a button, the awning can fold out for use or retract to storage.

    The awnings are available tin a variety of colors. If you love decorating your home, you can match the fabric to your house’s exterior. Most homeowners prefer to have separate awnings for the front yard and the back yard to avoid mounting and re-mounting them to the place they are needed.

    Provides Shade
    Eclipse awnings are perfect for sheltering against harmful direct sunlight. The awnings provide great shade whether you are having a pool party or are just lounging. To get an awning that will give you value for your money, look no further than Eclipse.

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  • Awning Windows: Enhance the Look of Your Exterior


    Adding awnings to your windows serves several purposes. It can lower your energy costs and giving your home a posh feel. As these simple yet elegant additions provide shade for your porch and weather protection, they also add value to your home. You can give your home a completely unique look with the installation of the right awning, Window Awningmaking your house standout from the rest of them. There are a variety of types and styles:

    Retractable awnings are great for porches because they can be expanded to provide more shade from sun rays of shelter from the rain and also retracted to let a little sun in. They give your home the look and feel of an exterior room without you needing to regulate the temperature. If you have a sliding glass door to your patio or deck, a retractable awning is the perfect way to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    Window awnings give your home a bright personality. If you look at most homes today they have fixed shutters or nothing at all, leaving them looking plain and drab. Adding awnings will give your home a unique touch and will keep it cool during the hot summer months. Many of them can be collapsed or folded so that you can change the appearance of your home at will. With a wide selection of colors, whether solid or striped, you can also choose to add lettering to your awnings to make a real statement.

    Commercial awnings can really make a business stand out. Like residential window awnings, you can add letters (such as the name of your business) to the awning to give your business a little more visibility.

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  • How Awnings Can Save Lives: Real Life Examples


    Other than helping you save on energy costs of cooling your home during the summer, having an awning attached to Retractable Awningsyour home can help in many other ways. The shade helps a lot in ensuring comfort and relaxation when you are out there in the patio. That is why you are always encouraged to buy an awning that will offer you the best possible service. There are millions of people using awnings across the globe today. This state of affairs comes as a result of their acceptance of the fact that these facilities truly work as desired.

    How do awnings help in saving lives?

    Awnings have helped in saving the lives of many people all over the world and especially children. Children being too close to railing happen to slip off often. These falls can result in injuries or even fatalities. If someone happened to fall from a top floor and landed on the awning, it would help to reduce the speed of the fall. As such the injuries might not be as severe. In most instances, awnings are strong and thus can withstand any amount of weight. They can break falls and that can in turn result in saving lives.

    The advantages of awnings: Real life examples

    A story is told of a girl in Paris who fell from a six-story building and survived virtually unharmed. French media described this incident as more of a miracle. The girl who was eighteen months old landed on an awning at the ground floor which helped her survive. Reports have it that the girl was left in the house unattended by her parents when she fell off the window. She was saved after bouncing on the awning of a cafe that was at the ground floor. Falls like these are very common in various parts of the world. Few people survive such incidences.

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  • Best Sun Shading for You: Eclipse Retractable Awning


    Living in any area where the sun is inevitable means enjoying the sun when it’s available. If you live in a semi-warm state with seasonal changes or you live in a state where the sun is always shining, why not add to your outdoor space with retractable awnings?

    Here are three benefits if you are thinking about getting retractable awnings for your home and outdoor spaces: Retractable Awnings

    • Adaptable
    The biggest benefit to retractable awnings is that they give you the ability to adapt to various seasonal changes. For example, if you live in a really hot climate like Florida, California or Arizona, the sun and humidity can get really hot after a while.

    During the mild months you can keep the retractable awning rolled up but when it gets really hot around July and August you can activate the retractable awnings to provide a nice cool shaded area. But that doesn’t mean these can’t be used in season states too. In fact, these awnings can actually be deactivated in cooler months to allow the sun to peek into your windows to warm your indoor spaces too.

    • Customizable
    Retractable awnings are also terrific for people that want the ability to customize their retractable awnings. These awnings come in a variety of colors and sizes to match your existing outdoor space.

    There are also various materials that you can choose from and you can also pick from either an automatic or manual system for your ease.

    • Long lasting
    Because these awnings are adaptable to a variety of climates and locations, they are made from tough materials that won’t fade from the sun and heat and they won’t tear from the wind, rain, snow or sleet.

    In fact, these awnings will hold up quite well under almost any extreme climate.

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  • 5 Great Tips to Make the Most of Your Restaurant Patio


    If you have a restaurant with an outdoor patio you have to make a conscious effort to really bring the inside décor and feeling outside. This will make patrons more likely to sit out there and really enjoy their surroundings. Here are a few things we recommend starting with if you really want to have a comfortable and welcoming outdoor patio.

    1. Highlighting the Best Parts. Even if you don’t have a fantastic backdrop and your patio doesn’t Restaurant Patioface the ocean or doesn’t face the street, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a patio that everyone will love. If you have a wall, consider a mural or plants and   flowers.

    2. Be Prepared For Outdoor Issues. If you own a restaurant down in the city, you might be having issues with the loud sounds from the traffic or even animals problems (pigeons, squirrels etc.). It’s a good time to start preparing for the worst case scenario now so you will be ready for anything if it ever presents itself.

    3. Rain – Rain Go Away. No matter how much you try to be prepared, Mother Nature will always have her own agenda! If it’s pouring, you are probably going to have to close the patio down unless you have a full awning. If it’s really sunny you should find products that will keep the sun out of people’s eyes; think umbrella tables, awnings and shade arbors.

    4. Dog Friendly. Some places allow people to bring their dogs to restaurant that have outdoor patios. You can make exceptions such as dogs only allowed during certain hours i.e. if breakfast and lunch are more laid back, but dinner is more fancy, you can allow people to bring dogs between 8am to 2pm.

    5. Furniture. Make sure that you use furniture that is comfortable! Some restaurants care only about how many people they can fit at a table or an area, but they never consider their patrons being comfy too. Make sure you keep their comfort in mind because even if you get them there once, the real value is making them want to come back time and time again.

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