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  • How to Make Perfect Outdoor Hangout with Shade


    You have a beautiful patio and deck to enjoy. During the summer months, however, heat from the sun can turn your oasis into a smoldering hot wasteland. You can prevent the sun from forcing you inside by adding a retractable or fixed awning, a shaded structure, sunscreens or hanging plants and vines to create shade while beautifying the area.

    The Benefits of Shade
    Awnings, sunscreens and pergolas create a barrier that keeps the heat and sun off your patio so that you can enjoy your time outside and relax in the shade. Installing an awning, sunscreen or other form of structure that produces ample shade provides

    Perfect Outdoor Shadesmany benefits. In addition to increasing the amount of shade, awnings and other structures are designed to create shade and beautify your deck or patio turning into a pleasant environment.

    By keeping excessive amounts of sunlight away from the windows and deck area, you reduce the temperature near the house. Lower outside temperatures help to keep inside temperatures manageable. With retractable awnings and sunscreens, they can be put away during the winter months, allowing the sun to keep the area warm and well lit. Even structures that stay in place all year can be covered with heat resistant material that can be taken off during the winter months.

    Depending on the size and stability of the structure, plants can be hung from the rafters while fast growing, flowering vines can be added as well. As the vines grow, they wrap around the structure creating a mottled, spotty type of shade. It may not keep all of the sunlight away, but it will block a major portion of it. Structures that remain in place from season to season can also add equity to the home and increase its resale value.

    Different Types of Shade
    Different structures, canopies and awnings create different types and degrees of shade. A few of the different kinds of accessories include:

    • Fixed awning
    • Retractable awnings
    • Hanging plants and vines
    • Retractable sunscreens
    • Shade structures
    • Drop Shades

    If you have an extremely large area, you may want to have a structure built. It can be difficult to stabilize an awning if it must cover too large of an area. Building an independent structure enables you to create it the way you want to produce the shade. You can use colored panels, retractable sunscreen shields or hanging plants and flowering vines. Large areas can incorporate two or more types of screens to produce varying degrees of sun and shade. You can turn your area into anything you want it to be.

    For smaller areas that lay adjacent to the home, retractable sunscreens and awnings are ideal. They can be extended during the summer months, to create a cool, shaded area where you can relax and enjoy yourself during all hours of the day. During the winter, the awnings can be retracted allowing the sun to shine down and warm the area. When the awnings are retracted, light is able to shine into the home, bringing warmth and natural lighting.

    Select Right Materials
    By keeping in mind the effect you want to produce, you will be needed to choose the right materials. For example, if you want a dappled effect compared to a solid covering, you should opt for the heavy, flowered vines with several hanging plants spaced evenly throughout the structure. This allows for sunlight to peek through at various places, while preventing too much sun from causing the temperature to rise.

    When choosing a company to help you design your patio and deck space, you want to work with individuals who understand the importance of spending time with those you love. Creating a positive environment where you can relax and enjoy the company of your family is incredibly important. It must be comfortable and welcoming. With the right amount of shade and sunlight, you can create the perfect backyard getaway.

    With the right type of accessories you can have a deck that is suitable for both garden parties as well as Sunday afternoon, family gatherings. No matter who you plan on entertaining or, if you just want to relax and read a good book, there are looks and styles to meet every desire. Many are interchangeable and can be adapted to accommodate almost any event at any time.

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