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  • Storefront Awnings: Is it the Right Time to Redesign?


    Store front awnings are the first things, other than the actual signage, that a new customer sees. In some cases, the awning acts as the signage. Awnings just out over the street provide shade and protection from the elements, giving passersby the chance to look in the windows and get a feel for what they may find inside. Awnings are designed to be pleasing to the eye, and have the ability to draw people’s attention to the business.

    Store front Awnings

    Awnings can be made of canvas, metal, or other materials. Some are designed so they can be withdrawn or extended depending on the weather or for cleaning. While they are used for protection from the elements, they offer invaluable advertising opportunities. Most storefront awnings carry the company logo and other information, such as the store’s address. Designing the awnings to match the style and theme of the business helps to attract the attention of future customers. Keeping their look fresh and on point is extremely important.

    Big Changes

    Changes within the company are normally the main reason why companies choose to redesign their awnings and other signage. Significant changes can lead to a change in the branding and advertising strategy of the business. When major changes do occur, redesigning the storefront awnings is important to keep them in line with the new happenings within the business. A few reasons a new design might be called for are:

    1.              New partners/ownership
    2.              New direction
    3.              Change in location
    4.              Business growth
    5.              Change in logo or brand

    When a company grows, several things can begin to change. It begins to reach new audiences and, in some cases, can outgrow its original branding. For the growth to continue, adapting to the new challenges and concepts associated with moving forward is imperative.

    A company does not want to lose its original values or concepts. The key is to change the marketing strategy to allow for more visibility and a fresh look that intrigues new customers. Awnings can create a valuable first impression, especially in areas where there are various other types of signage. Getting lost in the crowd is easy if your awning blends well with its surroundings.

    Step Up and Stand Out

    When a business begins to get caught up in its surroundings, it is important to take the steps to bring it back to the forefront. Create a new design or concept for the awning that sends the message that the business is still there. Add new elements that point to the company’s continued direction for growth. Subtle changes can lead to renewed interest and a host of new customers who may not have realized the store was still there. Instead of getting overshadowed by neighbors, step up the efforts and create a new image that stands out and proudly proclaims the company’s intention to take on new challenges.

    The Business Needs a Boost

    Redesigning existing storefront awnings and signage can give a business a much needed boost. Businesses that have been around for several years can have marketing strategies that are no longer effective. Signage becomes obsolete and the business loses touch with the customers and basically has no real direction for growth. Installing newly designed awnings can change all of that. When management realizes they have lost touch with the concepts that originally moved the company forward, it’s time to rethink the strategies being used and find something new and exciting.

    While changes are happening on the inside, adding new flair on the outside will attract new customers. Dedicated customers who are used to seeing the older signage and awnings may feel a renewed spark of interest in seeing what direction the company will be going. Making a drastic change in the outward appearance of the business may be the catalyst for even bigger changes on the inside.

    Businesses that were on the verge of closing due to poor sales can get a much needed shot in the arm with a few cosmetic changes to the storefront and awnings. While a fresh coat of paint may jump start the project, redesigning the storefront awnings and creating a new look may be just was needed to move the business from the slow lane back onto the fast track.

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