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  • How Awnings Can Save Lives: Real Life Examples


    Other than helping you save on energy costs of cooling your home during the summer, having an awning attached to Retractable Awningsyour home can help in many other ways. The shade helps a lot in ensuring comfort and relaxation when you are out there in the patio. That is why you are always encouraged to buy an awning that will offer you the best possible service. There are millions of people using awnings across the globe today. This state of affairs comes as a result of their acceptance of the fact that these facilities truly work as desired.

    How do awnings help in saving lives?

    Awnings have helped in saving the lives of many people all over the world and especially children. Children being too close to railing happen to slip off often. These falls can result in injuries or even fatalities. If someone happened to fall from a top floor and landed on the awning, it would help to reduce the speed of the fall. As such the injuries might not be as severe. In most instances, awnings are strong and thus can withstand any amount of weight. They can break falls and that can in turn result in saving lives.

    The advantages of awnings: Real life examples

    A story is told of a girl in Paris who fell from a six-story building and survived virtually unharmed. French media described this incident as more of a miracle. The girl who was eighteen months old landed on an awning at the ground floor which helped her survive. Reports have it that the girl was left in the house unattended by her parents when she fell off the window. She was saved after bouncing on the awning of a cafe that was at the ground floor. Falls like these are very common in various parts of the world. Few people survive such incidences.

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