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Huntington Beach Awnings


Homeowners looking to add a little decor to their home have a number of options at their disposal. Many of the projects a homeowner can undertake to do this can be quite expensive and complicated. Homeowners needn’t engage in expensive endeavors however and instead can opt to have new awnings installed on their home. Awnings are available in a wide variety of different prices, qualities, designs, and colors. Furthermore most are installed relatively quickly and require very little maintenance. The type of awnings a homeowner elects to have installed will depend largely on their own personal tastes and needs of their home.

Specializing In Huntington Beach Awnings


Regardless of why a homeowner elects to have awnings installed on their home The Awning Company can help. We specialize in all things awning including installation. Homeowners who want simple awnings will find them here as will those who want something much more elaborate and luxurious. We offer skylight awnings, retractable window awnings, cabanas, and even canopies, just to name a few. All of our awnings are of the highest quality and priced very competitively and fairly. We do not believe homeowners interested in awnings for their home should ever have to sacrifice quality for affordability. With 15 years experience behind us, a courteous and friendly staff ready to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you might have, we make it easy to get excited about having new awnings installed.

Huntington Beach Awnings + Unmatched Customer Care


While there are certainly a large number of awning vendors including some who sell some very nice awnings, we believe what sets us apart from our competitors is our customer service and the rapport we establish with all of our clients. We here at The Awning Company are not content in just selling high-quality awnings but we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled customer care and support. This means that not only is our staff friendly and courteous but accessible and knowledgeable as well. We love hearing from our clients even long after installation has been completed. During the purchase and installation process our staff works closely with our clients to help them find awning that are just right for their home, their budget and those that meet their own personal tastes. We go above and beyond for all of our clients so that they can get the most out of not just their awnings but the purchase and installation processes as well.

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