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  • Awning Installation: Coverage Decisions That You Should Consider


    Important decisions must be made prior to the installation of awnings. Adding awnings to your home can enhance its outward appeal and also raise the resale value of the property. The right type of awning can minimize heating and cooling costs by protecting the windows from the elements. A few of the most common decisions that need to be made, when it comes to awning installation are:

    • Size   Choosing the right size of awning will help keep the appearance of your home balanced and pleasing to the eye.
    • Style – When deciding on the style of awning you plan on having, you want to make sure that whatever one you choose fits with the Awning Maintenanceexisting style of the home.
    • Material – Awnings can be made out of a variety of materials including canvas, vinyl, resin, aluminum or galvanized steel. The material the awning is made of can determine how effective it is at protecting the windows or how much light is allowed into the home.
    • Pre-packaged – Pre-packaged or assembled awnings come already made and ready to be installed. Retractable awnings come pre-packaged with all of the mechanisms already assembled and in good working order.
    • Custom design – Awnings can be customized by color, style and material. You can have ornate awnings built to your specific requirements, including color, material, size and style. When a basic template is used, awnings can be designed that account for odd sized windows. They can be made in specific colors using the material you want.

    Is it possible for a homeowner to install an awning with a DIY approach? Yes, it is indeed an option, but the strains of wind and weather with the electrical equipments needed for installation usually put such a project strictly under the “professional contractor” category rather than a DIY one. Contact The Awning Company; we provide you the thorough knowledge of every aspect of awning installation, as well as offer installation services.

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  • Yes Versatility Is Possible with Retractable Awnings!


    Retractable AwningsWhen most people think about awnings, they imagine the eye catching kind that hangs over businesses or movie theaters, but there is another kind of awning that is great for any home or business. Retractable awnings are becoming increasingly popular.

    Hassle-free Removal
    A retractable awning provides shade and protection when needed, but they are not a hassle to remove when you want a clear view. They offer restaurants a way to give their patrons an outdoor meal so long as it is warm enough outside. For residential use, they are the perfect way to make any patio, porch, or walkway the perfect way to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors.

    Suitable for Any Purpose
    Retractable awnings can be both flexible and versatile, making them ideal for nearly any kind of residence or business. You can choose from a number of different materials that give you varying amounts of light and color choices. This makes it easier to find a retractable awning that will match your home.  It then appears as a natural extension, and not an awkward add on. You can also choose the length of the awning, so that it does not extend beyond your area or leave out parts you want to protect.

    Typically, these very versatile awnings only have attachments to the house, meaning you won’t have to contend with polls and rods in your way or view. You save not only on your heating and cooling bills with these awnings, but you can also protect them when they are not in use. This extends their life span, so that you do not have to consider replacing them for several years.

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  • Awning Fabric: Choose the Best to Add Style and Comfort


    Awnings For HomeAwnings are becoming quite popular among today’s homeowners. For a while, they were considered “old-fashioned”; however, they are now becoming a preferred way to improve one’s home because they are simple and affordable, yet lend functionality to outdoor living spaces. Apart from functionality, you also get aesthetic beauty. There are a lot more choices in awning fabrics due to the technological advancements made in synthetic fabric design and production. You can find the perfect awning to add style and comfort to your home.

    Benefits of Awnings in Homes

    No matter what architectural style your home has, you can find an awning that will suit your home perfectly. From the always-stylish classic stripes to other patterns, fun and sophisticated, you have a plethora to choose from. A great awning with a stylish pattern and color can give your home:

    • A touch of class and sophistication that other homes do not have

    • Protection against the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays and pouring rains

    • More value as it is a way to improve your home

    • Energy-efficiency as awnings provide shade, allowing you to cut down on energy bills

    Adding the perfect awning can change your home’s appearance, giving it style as well as comfort.

    Types of Awning Fabrics

    There are two types of fabrics that you can choose from for your home’s awning. They both have their own specific benefits and you can make your choice based on their functionality and aesthetic appeal. The two awning fabrics available are:

    Laminated Plastic Awning Fabric

    The features of this type of fabric are:

    • They have a denier scrim in the center for strength with two layers that are colorized. These two layers are then covered on sides, top and bottom, with protective lamination layers.

    • They have a vinyl top-coating which is used as a finishing, preventing its color from fading. This top-coat also gives the fabric a smooth texture and enhances the vibrancy of its color.

    • It is a great choice if you live in an area that has high humidity as it can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Acrylic Awning Fabric

    This is another fantastic awning fabric option with features that give you the following benefits:

    • They have a layer of woven acrylic colored fabric that is placed between two layers of protective coating. This protective coat makes them highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, mildew, rot, water, ultraviolet rays, etc. It also prevents the fabric’s color from fading even after long exposure to the sun, rain, etc.

    • They have durability and flexibility. Many homeowners love acrylic woven awning fabrics as they often outlast their warranties.

    • The solution-dyed fabric thread gives them high color fading-resistance and makes them highly durable.

    You will need the services of a contractor for awning installation, especially if you require a large size for your home. Of course, with professional service comes bills that are higher than expected but the fact that you do save on energy bills in the long run makes it an investment that is well-worth the price you paid. Awnings come in all sizes, colors and styles so you can increase your home’s market value and add a touch of style to it.

    Homeowners are always looking for ways to make improvements on their property to add value and if you are also considering a home improvement project, what could be better than having an awning installed on your deck or patio? You can enjoy a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea and spend some quiet time under it on a warm evening or entertain friends with a BBQ party without having to worry about anyone being irritated by the sun’s harsh rays.

    When you pick the perfect awning for your home, you make sure that you and your loved ones are always comfortable even on the hottest days. It will also make your home look very stylish as you can choose from a plethora of styles and colors to match your home. The right awning will give you benefits which include energy cost-cutting, better market value, and protection from heat and last but not least; it will make your home the envy of all your neighbors.

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  • Enjoy the Me-Time in Your Backyard under Butterfly Awnings


    Backyard AwningsSpending long days at work or having to deal with kids all day long can lead to stress and anxiety. It’s nice to be able to have an area of your backyard where you can enjoy some quiet, “me” time. If you have a patio or deck where you can relax, the one thing you need is shade. Free standing butterfly awnings are ideal for enjoying alone time in your backyard paradise.

    Butterfly awning offer several benefits. They provide:

    Privacy from neighbors who have windows that are high enough to see into your backyard

    Shade from the sun

    Reduced temperatures

    Reduces the glare of the sun on windows and other bright surfaces

    When creating your own personal space, you should include things that are relaxing to you. If you prefer to play a game or take your laptop or notebook with you, have a patio table put in place. This allows you to be able to play games on line or explore the internet.

    Butterfly awnings are retractable and can be set up in a relatively short amount of time. This allows you to begin enjoying yourself as soon as you see the need to take to the patio and relax. Awnings come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size patio or deck. Having an awning that is large enough to protect your privacy and provide you with ample shade, gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your peace and quiet without worrying about someone watching or disrupting your solitude.

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  • Beach House Fun in the Sun with Awnings


    Fun In the Sun With AwningsAfter a fun-filled day at the beach, people want to relax on their porch in comfort. But the scorching sun can become an annoyance. Unfortunately, depending on the state you may reside in, the sun can be somewhat of a hindrance when scheduling your outdoor adventures. The utilization of specific weather-related tools, including but not limited to awnings, can allow for an enjoyable afternoon without the burdensome after effects of too much sun.

    Whether you want to set up an awning for decorative purposes or for practical reasons, there is an awning to suit your needs. Awnings come in a wide range of colors and fabrics to match your style and will provide the comfort you and your families are looking for at the beach.

    • Adds uniqueness. Awnings permit a unique addition to any space. Not only can you customize the performance of your awning but you can also personalize your piece with different colors and weather related materials. Some awnings extend while other awnings open up to a designated length. Depending on the nature of your needs, additional customization may be what you are looking for.

    • Controls temperature. Utilization of awnings significantly decreases the temperature in any space, as the actual shading device reflects light to maintain more comfortable temperatures. This is especially useful for you if you plan to spend a great deal of time on a porch or deck, when the stagnant heat tends to become uncomfortable. Keep those summer rays at bay with your own line of heat protection.

    • A simple option under sun. For those of you who opt to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, especially in climates that are warm for a majority of the calendar year, then you should consider purchasing a fixed awning that does     not  require constant set-up or extending. This is a hassle-free option that many customers tend to gravitate towards.

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  • Motorized and Manual Retractable Awnings: Pick the Best


    Retractable AwningRetractable awnings are the attractive overhead coverings you have no doubt seen on windows and doors of buildings and homes. Sometimes awnings cover walkways and display business names. They help provide shading and extra decor, especially on patios.

    Regular awnings are designed to stay in place year round, whereas the retractable types can be taken down and stored when not in use. The two popular options for retractable awnings are manual and motorized. The following details explain the benefits of retractable awnings in case you are considering them for home improvement:


    • A person is needed to turn a crank or handle for opening and closing.

    • Modern awnings do not require much human strength.

    • When power goes out, manual awnings are useful for replacing air conditioning.

    • There are no mechanical problems to worry about.

    • Maintenance is minimal compared with motorized awnings.

    • Manual awnings are more affordable than electric awnings.

    • Easy installation makes manual a more popular choice for the common person.

    • Vertical rods provide additional support.


    • The awning unfurls automatically, powered by an electric motor.

    • Less time is needed for opening and closing awnings.

    • Electric telescoping arms open and close awnings.

    • Motorized awnings look more modern.

    • Sensors can be installed to detect wind motion, activating automatic retraction.

    • Sun sensors automatically control shading and cooling which lowers energy bills.

    Manual or motorized, awnings can help make an outdoor space more comfortable, especially during the summer with their cooling benefits. Some people prefer manual awnings because they don’t want to bother with wiring issues, which can take extra time to set up. Those who prefer motorized awnings don’t mind paying extra for more convenience. Either way, awnings can add a classy appearance and value to your property. If you need expert advice on retractable awnings contact The Awning Company.

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  • Cool off Ideas Under a Retractable Awning


    Retractable AwningRetractable awnings serve several purposes. They provide shade and protect interior of your home from damage caused by UV rays, direct sunlight, and rain. Awnings do much more than just cover your patio. When a homeowner has the right type of information, they can choose one of several varieties of patio awnings that will protect their home and family from the heat of the sun and unexpected storms and downpours. Both stationary and retractable awnings provide many different types of benefits and will pay for themselves several times over.

    • Makes an ideal covering for parties and dinners.
      Retractable awnings provide a cool, shaded environment that is ideal for hosting parties or family dinners. They provide ample lighting without the heat and discomfort that is often felt when people are forced to sit in the direct sunlight. Many retractable awnings can be adjusted to pitch downward as the sun sets, offering long lasting protection. Once the sun has gone down, the awning can be put up so that guests can enjoy a night of stargazing.
    • Larger awnings can offer shade for pools and hot tubs.
      Larger awnings can be extended outward to reach over a portion of your swimming pool or to cover a hot tub. While it may not cover the entire pool, it will provide a small amount of shade for an area of the pool. This is ideal for families with small children. Parents want their children to be able to enjoy the pool and with a retractable awning they can do that without worrying about receiving too much sunlight.
    • Offer privacy by preventing neighbors from looking down to your home.
      Neighbors who live in two story homes or apartment buildings often have a birds’ eye view of what goes on in your backyard, and sometimes, even within your home. A retractable awning gives you the privacy you need and deserve and keeps prying eyes from intruding on your personal life. When an awning is pitched at an angle, it can also obstruct the view of individuals who are at ground level.
    • Enhance the look of your home.
      Awnings are made of durable materials and come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Their compact design doesn’t detract from the look when they are rolled up and stored. When they are extended, they not only protect the interior and exterior of the home from excessive amounts of sunlight, they beautify and enhance the look of the home. This can result in an increase in the homes’ value as well as a higher re-sell price if you choose to sell your property.
    • Provides cool, shaded area where children can play outside.
      Children love to play outside. Parents often worry about small children and toddlers getting too much sun. A retractable awning provides a safe place for children to play, and even nap, during the hottest part of the day. Adding an awning to your home gives children the opportunity to be outside for much longer periods without risking their sensitive skin to excessive amounts of sunlight.
    • Allows you to relax outside in the heat of the day.
      During the hottest part of the day, being outside can be extremely uncomfortable. With a retractable awning in place, you can enjoy your patio or porch without worrying about the sun beating down on your shoulders.
    • Protects from rain and heavy downpours.
      A sturdy retractable awning will help protect the family from getting wet if a sudden shower would pop up. Awnings not only keep the porch or patio dry, they prevent water from being blown or sent through window screens. While most people are worried about damage from sunlight, rain can also cause damage and should be considered when choosing an awning.

    Contact the professionals at The Awning Company to find out how retractable awnings can help you keep cool in the summer, add value to your home and create a virtual oasis right in your very own back yard. They can give you the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the right type of awning for your personal needs.

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  • How Alike Are Commercial Awnings and Window Graphics


    Commercial AwningsWhen shopping for commercial awnings and window graphics, it is easy to get hung up on the differences. There are some key differences that you must consider as you determine which one is the best fit for your company, such as whether or not your space is big enough to allow for awnings.

    Awnings and Graphics: The Similar Ones
    However, there are more similarities than you may realize. If your business can accommodate both awnings and graphics, you can maximize their potential with a combination of the two offerings.

    Commercial awnings were invented to provide shade and protect customers from the rain and snow while keeping sun off of the merchandise and store furnishings.

    Most people don’t think about the fact that aside from not protecting customers from inclement weather, window graphics have the same benefits. Look for mesh fabric roll-down blinds and window films that provide shade without blocking the view.

    Curb Appeal
    As many companies are already looking for shade options for their storefronts, it’s an added bonus that these products can also advertise the business. Of course you can select commercial awnings in a solid color or with a simple pattern but why not use the space to display your company name, address and logo as well?

    An awning or a graphic is one of the first things that potential customers will notice about your business. Using engaging, attractive colors and designs will make them want to come in and learn more.

    There aren’t many business investments that provide shade and privacy while also promoting a business. Think about how you can install both awnings and graphics to complement one another.

    As an awning is mounted above eye level, its message should be visible from a distance. Window graphics are more appropriate for detailed information about products and services.

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  • 3 Types of Business Awnings to Attract Customers


    There are a number of awnings available these days, but when it comes to your business, you want one that both looks good and will attract attention. With so much competition in the market, you need every possible advantage. These three types of awnings have the potential to help you get noticed and to peak the curiosity of potential customers.

    Creative Awnings For Attracting CustomersCreative AwningsStunning or creative awnings that potential customers can’t help but notice give you that extra edge, especially if your business is located on a street packed with other businesses. You want to have something that stands out and shows that your place is different; no matter whatever you sell.Having an eye catchy awning will get customers curious to learn more about what you have to offer. Of course you have to make sure that the awning is visually pleasing, not obnoxious or off-putting.

    • Awnings with Details Awnings with enough space to promote the business will make it easier for customers to find you. One of the most frustrating things for shoppers is to have to look for a little sign or to get close to the door to see what a shop is. By displaying your name and having a look that reflects what you offer, customers may decide to stop in to see your shop over your competition.
    • Large Awnings Awnings that provide a considerable amount of shade will give you a very unique advantage. During a downpour, potential customers will more likely stop under your awning to get out of the rain. The longer it lasts, the more likely they will be to go inside. And of course, you can never underestimate the importance of providing shade on those hot summer days!

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  • Window Awnings: Enjoy Benefits in Style


    Window awnings will create aesthetically pleasing looks for homes and businesses, helping them stand out from their neighbors. They come in many different styles and materials. However, awnings do far more than just look good. From providing you, your visitors, or your customers shade from the sun or protection from the rain to helping lower costs during the summer, awnings have a number of benefits.

    Window AwningsProtection from the Elements
    Awnings are the perfect protection for you, your home or business from the summer sun, especially for windows that face the sun all day. They reduce the amount of direct sunlight streaming into your home. During the cooler and wetter times of the year, awnings allow you to open your window even when it is raining, without worrying about rain damage.

    Cost Savings
    As the awning helps protect your home or business from direct sunlight, it is also reducing the cost of cooling. For furniture and products that are near windows, awnings help protect them against sun damage, meaning their colors will fade slower. The longer your furniture, rugs, and goods last, the less money you will have to spend replacing them at frequent intervals. Also, you can open your windows to help cool down the home, even when it is raining, so that you can take advantage of the cooler air instead of running your AC.

    Stretching Your Living or Business Area
    Patios and porches will be more accessible with retractable awnings, giving you more space. Even if it is pouring, with the right awning you can go out and enjoy the rain with a nice cup of coffee.

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