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  • Motorized and Manual Retractable Awnings: Pick the Best


    Retractable AwningRetractable awnings are the attractive overhead coverings you have no doubt seen on windows and doors of buildings and homes. Sometimes awnings cover walkways and display business names. They help provide shading and extra decor, especially on patios.

    Regular awnings are designed to stay in place year round, whereas the retractable types can be taken down and stored when not in use. The two popular options for retractable awnings are manual and motorized. The following details explain the benefits of retractable awnings in case you are considering them for home improvement:


    • A person is needed to turn a crank or handle for opening and closing.

    • Modern awnings do not require much human strength.

    • When power goes out, manual awnings are useful for replacing air conditioning.

    • There are no mechanical problems to worry about.

    • Maintenance is minimal compared with motorized awnings.

    • Manual awnings are more affordable than electric awnings.

    • Easy installation makes manual a more popular choice for the common person.

    • Vertical rods provide additional support.


    • The awning unfurls automatically, powered by an electric motor.

    • Less time is needed for opening and closing awnings.

    • Electric telescoping arms open and close awnings.

    • Motorized awnings look more modern.

    • Sensors can be installed to detect wind motion, activating automatic retraction.

    • Sun sensors automatically control shading and cooling which lowers energy bills.

    Manual or motorized, awnings can help make an outdoor space more comfortable, especially during the summer with their cooling benefits. Some people prefer manual awnings because they don’t want to bother with wiring issues, which can take extra time to set up. Those who prefer motorized awnings don’t mind paying extra for more convenience. Either way, awnings can add a classy appearance and value to your property. If you need expert advice on retractable awnings contact The Awning Company.

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