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Skylight Awnings / Pergola Awnings / Lattice Awnings


Shade your outdoor living space by adding this custom system.




SKYLIGHT AWNINGS / PERGOLA AWNINGS / LATTICE AWNINGS — Shade your outdoor living space by adding this custom one of a kind system.

Most wooden pergolas or wooden patio structures do not create sufficient shade and in fact prevent home owners from enjoying their outdoor patios. The Skylight Awning is maintenance-free; as the awning retracts, any debris simply rolls off the back of the roller tube. The Skylight Awnings is a spring-tension system that  allows you to stop the awning at any point—with the flip of a switch or your remote control.


The Awning Company is family owned, operated, and has been providing Orange County awnings to residents of Southern California for over 15 years. As a leader in the industry and the preferred vendor in Orange County, The Awning Company utilizes expertise and experience to provide superior quality and customer service.


Skylight Awnings, The Awning Company

Skylight installed on to an existing wood structure

Skylight installed on to an existing wood structure

Skylight awning installed on to an existing wood structure

Skylight awning installed on to an existing wood structure

Did you know?

      • Every Skylight Awning is designed to use 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics using exclusively Sunbrella®.
      • The Skylight Awning can provide up to 400 Square Feet of shaded outdoor living space.
      • Every component is designed and made in the USA.


Skylight Awning Product Features

  • Covers Lattice Patio Structures, Solarium’s, Greenhouses and Glass Skylights
  • Structures Can be Designed to Incorporate the Skylight Awning—Creating Large Areas of Shade for Residential and Commercial Purposes
  • Unique Design Allows Awning to Project horizontally, Vertically, or Follow the Curve of a Solarium
  • Adjustable Spring Tension System—System Runs Along Tracks (3/4? x 1?)
  • Can Cover Up to 400 Square Feet
  • Projections of 6′ to 24’—Custom Made Widths of 6′ to 26′
  • Powder Coat Finishes: White & Bronze—Motorized or Manual with Crank
  • Versatile Design Allows for Simple Cost-Effective Solution for Creating Shade




The legendary awning fabric.

At The Awning Company we use only Sunbrella Awning Fabrics, the largest and most recognized outdoor fabric manufacturer in the industry.
Sunbrella has been the most recognizable and trusted name in the awning industry for years, and our standard Sunbrella awning fabrics are still a leading choice for any awning application. Not only is Sunbrella ideal for fixed, retractable and window awnings, but it can also be used for a number of other shade applications such as pergolas, shade sails, and more.
When Sunbrella awning fabrics first hit the market, they were only available in six colors. Today, our customer can choose between hundreds of colors, textures and patterns to find the perfect look for their space.
All Sunbrella Awning Fabrics are 100% Solution-Dyed acrylic and available in over 160 colors. All Sunbrella Awning Fabrics carry a manufacturers *10 year limited warranty against excessive fading, rotting or mildew.



GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread

Unaffected by Sunlight

Your Awning Fabrics are only as good as the thread we use to sew them. All our Sunbrella Awning Fabrics are sewn with GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread that’s three times more durable than the industry standard, bonded polyester. Bonded Polyester loses 60% of its original breaking strength within the first three years yet, our thread still has 100% of it’s original breaking strength after 10 years. Now you can be rest assured that your awning seams will last as long as your fabric. GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread maintains its strength even after regular exposure to UV sunlight. UV resistance is built into the thread, and is not a coating or additive that can wear off.


GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread remains flexible and strong in extremes of hot and cold. It won’t absorb water and it resists acid rain, salt water, pollution, snow and freezing.

Using GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread tells our customers that they are buying a premium product built to last with durable seams and a brand that’s backed by more than 25 years of experience from the company that invented it.



At The Awning Company all our motors and electronics are manufactured and supplied by only UL© approved manufacturers, ensuring you the highest quality motors and electronics available in the USA. We offer many options including hand held remote, wind sensors, and sun & wind sensors.

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Available Options:

    • Motors – Allows operation at the push of a button.
    • Manual Over – Ride for Awning Motors – Provides for manual operation in the event of a power outage.
    • Remote Control – Operate 1 -4 Awnings individually or up to 50 together all at the push of a button.
    • Wind Sensor – Senses set wind speed and retracts products when it detects the speed the sensor is set to.
    • Sun & Wind Sensor – Senses heat/light and activates products and then is overridden by the wind sensor if the wind speed is detected to reach the set wind speed limit.
    • Motion Sensor – Senses excessive movement and retracts product to help prevent the chance of damage due to the wind.
    • Aluminum Hood / Cover – Protects fabric from the elements when not in use and provides aesthetic appeal.





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