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  • Mother’s Day Gift: How About a Colorful Awning for the Patio?


    Even mothers reach a stage where they do not welcome one more knickknack or house plant for Mother’s Day. You can bet that, if you press mom in just the right way, she will admit she would like something different. Maybe she has an awning in mind.

    Create a space
    Retractable awnings, fixed awnings, or retractable sunscreens add color and space to a porch, deck, or patio. Awnings create a solitary space, a place to read and relax in the shade Рeven in the sunniest of California climates. The awning extends the natural roof line with fabrics in colors, stripes, or patterns to enlarge an existing space or create the illusion of a new space.

    Mother's Day Gift: Colorful Awning

    Customer options
    Maybe mom wants a fixed awning over the front door or accent window treatments? Maybe she would prefer a retractable window awning to reduce heavy sun and glare from her favorite room? Maybe she would like to get more shade under the patio pergola with a retractable skylight awning? Or, maybe she feels there would be so much more room for entertaining if you could just extend the shade of the patio or deck? Regardless of what she needs it for, we have awnings that can cover all of her wants and needs!

    Custom designs
    You can shop alone or bring mom into the decision on size, style, and fabric. You will want to consider the fabric quality, thread durability, retraction mechanics, motor reliability, and size. Some lines are ready to install in standard sizes, but most are custom sized to your space and wishes. And, you may want color that makes the awning pop out from its surroundings or complement and blend nicely with the existing house colors.

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    About Gary Kerr

    Gary Kerr is the Owner of The Awning Company, a pioneer in the awning industry that works withSunbrella outdoor fabric. Kerr is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality shade for patios to his clients. The Awning Company
    is a place where quality meets affordability, and Kerr and his team are dedicated to their work and believe in overall customer satisfaction.

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