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Window Awnings

Window Awnings: Why So Popular?


Of the many different types of awnings that are available for homes perhaps none are more popular than window awnings. This is because window awnings help homeowners lower their cooling bills by blocking out harsh sunlight. Not only that but window awnings protect rugs, furniture, and all other types of flooring from the fading that occurs as a result of ultraviolet rays entering a home. Though the preservation of furniture and flooring is often a concern for homeowners the vast majority of persons who have window awnings installed do so in order to reduce heat gain in their homes by as much as 77%. Those homeowners who have yet to have window awnings installed may wish to consider a number of things prior to purchase and installation.


The first thing homeowners will want to keep in mind is that window awnings are also fantastic for homes that reside in cool climates. While window awnings are certainly valued in high temperature climates homeowners residing in cooler cities or states can save up to 25% to 35% on their cooling costs. Even in the coolest climates direct sunlight can still enter a home and be both annoying, heating, and damaging to furniture and flooring.


Homeowners considering having window awnings installed should first think about what direction their windows are facing. Homes that have the majority of their windows facing south or west will benefit most from window awnings as they can reduce cooling costs and energy savings by as much as 77%. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily negate the need for window awnings over windows that face in other directions, homeowners simply won’t see as much benefit when they are installed on those windows.


In addition to having window awnings over the right windows and utilizing them in all climates it is equally important to point out that flexible window awnings should also be of great importance to homeowners. Having the ability to remove awnings during the winter when direct sunlight can help keep a cold home warm is vitally important. Inflexible or permanent window awnings, while popular, can cause a homeowners heating bill to rise simply because sunlight cannot enter their home. Fortunately homeowners can select from adjustable/retractable window awnings as well as those that are easily uninstalled and re-installed.


Trees are nature’s free window awnings and while most modern window awnings increase the aesthetics of a home they are far less effective when a home is surrounded by large trees. The natural shade that comes from trees can severely reduce the effectiveness of window awnings. Homeowners with a large number of trees around their home or at least trees in the right places need to carefully think about their impending purchase. If all they want out of window awnings are eye candy than a purchase is more than warranted but if they’re looking for all of the benefits that come with window awnings then they’ll be spinning their wheels.


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